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Same-sex marriage amendment heading to Indiana Senate

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The same-sex marriage amendment known as HJR-3 is now in the hands of the full Indiana Senate.

The measure passed the senate rules committee late Monday afternoon by an eight to four vote. That means it now goes before the full Senate for a vote.
Hundreds of supporters and opponents packed the statehouse on Monday, many wanting to see if the Senate committee would out leave that so-called second sentence. The sentence, that would also ban civil unions, was taken out by House members.
After hours of testimony, the committee voted to move that revised bill forward.
Kelley Coures, of Evansville, who is against the amendment says he believes the measure will make it way to voters.

"My feeling is that with the overwhelming Republican majority in the House that it's likely they'll just go ahead and repass it in its original version. Then that's what they'll send to the voters.  I think eventually even if Indiana passes it and voters pass it, I think the Supreme Court will overrule them at some point," says Kelley Coures, who's against the amendment.

The Senate could take up the measure as early as Thursday with a final vote coming early next week.

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