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New tornado sirens placed outside Muhlenberg Co. schools

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Last week marked the six year anniversary of a deadly tornado spurred by unusually high temperatures which passed through Muhlenberg County.  

In 2008, a tornado barreled through a field en route to Muhlenberg West High School that claimed three lives. Officials hope three new weather sirens they just installed ensure this never happens again.

It was an EF3 tornado around 8:00 at night on February 5, with peak winds at 160 mph, 113 homes affected and 48 destroyed. Officials say it was seventy degrees and they knew something was coming.

"We had a tornado that day on February the 5th and the next day we had snow," said Jerry Aders, the Greenville Fire Chief.

Three people died in a trailer park just on the outskirts of Greenville. It was after that tornado that city officials pursued a weather siren grant to better protect the community.

"We've got to protect our kids and not only are they protecting our kids, but these sirens are designed to be heard at a 4.5 mile radius," Aders said.

The three new sirens are placed outside Muhlenberg County Schools and were part of a $70,000 grant program. 

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