Investigators looking for arson suspects after church fire

Investigators are looking for arson suspects after a fire at an Evansville church.

Members at Grace and Peace Lutheran Church of South Boeke say they are thankful there isn't more damage.

The shed behind the church sustained significant damage estimated to be around $200. But from what was inside, they're just lucky it wasn't any worse.

The fire apparently started in a recycle bin with magazines inside next to the shed. Inside the shed, the church has stored some lawn equipment that they were eventually going to get rid of.

The church says it was also planning on tearing down the building when the temperature started to warm up.

Property manager David Meyer says there were also two gas canisters in the shed, which is scary to think of what could have happened.

"It didn't do any damage to the building, but it could have done damage. Luckily, we got to it quick enough. If it would have happened and maybe burned for another hour, it could have gotten closer, could have gotten to the tree. It could have done a lot more damage," Meyer says.

Meyer tells 14 News that they are also planning on changing where they park their booth for the Fall Festival in the future, so it is not as close to the church as it is now.

There are no leads on suspects at this time and no one has been arrested. If you have any information, you're asked to call the Evansville police.

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