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Madisonville sets priority snow route plan due to salt shortage


Because the road salt supply is so low, Madisonville city officials say certain roads will not be treated if another winter system rolls in. 

The city has implemented their priority snow route plan due to the severe lack of salt. They say most main roads will be treated, but neighborhoods and subdivisions will not be salted.

Before last week, the salt level was around 400 tons and city officials say it's much lower now. In a span of 24 hours, the city laid down over $21,000 worth of salt and over $8,000 in calcium chloride. 

Officials say they place a salt order weeks ago, but they have not received it yet.

"Salt levels low about like everyone in the Tri-State. We haven't been able to get a shipment in. Our supplier said the trucks are available, but supposedly the barges have gotten held up somewhere, so we, like a lot of people in the region, are waiting on salt," said Mike Franklin with the city.

Officials say they have enough salt for one more trip around the priority route, but not much more than that. 

Here's a list of Madisonville roads deemed first and second for salt:

First Priority

  • Arch Street (East)
  • Center (East and West)
  • Clinic Drive
  • North Franklin Street
  • Hospital Drive (Main to railroad tracks)
  • Island Ford Road (Bridge Only)
  • Kentucky Avenue (North and South)
  • Laffoon Street
  • McCoy Avenue
  • Main Street (North and South)
  • North Street
  • Princeton Road
Second Priority
  • Arch Street (West)
  • Broadway (East and West)
  • Grapevine Road
  • Hall Street
  • Madison Square Drive
  • S. Madison Avenue
  • Murray Street
  • W. Noel Avenue
  • Park Avenue
  • Parkwood Drive
  • Pride Avenue
  • Seminary Street (North and South)
  • Scott Street (North and South)
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