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Potholes becoming a problem after hard winter storms

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Another casualty of this hard winter is our roadways. Pavement is splitting and motorists are dodging more and more potholes.  

"The roads around here are absolutely terrible. They need to repair every road," said Zack Orange. 

Orange, an Evansville taxi driver, says he deals with potholes on a daily basis.

"They're pretty bad from all over town. From east to west, any road you go on, it needs repair," Orange said. 

Officials say the city plans to have a pothole blitz in April or May, where crews go out and focus on repairing potholes. Up until then, workers will fix severe spots on a case by case basis.

But because of the winter weather, they haven't been able to work on the problem yet this year. That's why drivers, like Orange, say they've been dealing with car problems.

"We've already had to replace, I think, two cars just on their bumpers, you know the clips falling out and what not. Potholes always get the tires, the rims, they just tear cars up," Orange shared.

Mayor Lloyd Winnecke says anyone can call the city's maintenance department to report potholes. City officials are going to be having some public meetings to discuss the road issues over the next couple of months. 

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