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Kelley Kirby testifies in murder trial

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Testimony will continue next week in a Hopkins County murder trial.  Kelley Kirby is charged with murder of her 4-year-old stepson Cayden. 

After two days of hearing from witnesses, the prosecutor rested its case and the defense began presenting its case.  The defense today called Kirby to the stand, as well as her friends, and family.

Kelley took the stand last on Friday.

"So you were the only adult other than when your grandparents came in and out of the house," said prosecutor David Massemore.

"Yes all morning long..." replied Kelley Kirby.

 "And you're not telling this jury," said Massemore, "that your grandparents beat Cayden to death?

 Kelley replied, "Absolutely not."

Defense testimony will pick up again Tuesday the 11th.

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