A 'golden' opportunity in Indianapolis

Medal on display

So you're not going to make it to Sochi for the Olympics?  You can still see a real Olympic medal up close.

The gold medal that Olympic diver Greg Louganis won at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul is now on display at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis.

Louganis gave the medal to Ryan White's mother after his death.

The medal is on loan and has been added to a display of Ryan's bedroom at the Children's Museum.

Louganis said White's strength inspired him to overcome a concussion and sweep the 3-meter and 10-meter diving events.

Louganis met White while he was competing at the PanAm Games in Indianapolis in 1987.

Ryan White contracted HIV/AIDS from a blood transfusion to treat his hemophilia.  He died in April 1990.

Ryan made national news in the 80's after he sued the Kokomo School District for the right to attend classes.

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