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Officials: Clean ice off roof before driving

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Law enforcement in the Tri-State are asking drivers to clear the ice from the roof of their vehicles before hitting the road.

They say neglecting the ice could be dangerous to those around you.

One accident that happened last week left a Huntingburg man's windshield smashed after ice came off the top of another vehicle while driving on State Road 64 in Dubois County.

Dubois County Sheriff's Deputy Stuart Wilson says the accident happened around 2:30 on Thursday afternoon. 

Wilson says 19-year-old Eric Birk was following a Frito-Lay semi, when two large pieces of ice flew off the top of the truck and broke through Birk's windshield.

The ice struck the passenger side of Birk's Jeep. No one was seriously injured.

"We were unable to locate the other truck involved. We don't even know if that driver was aware of it," said Wilson. "It caused some lacerations to Eric Birk's face. Nothing serious, but it is definitely a dangerous situation when people leave ice and snow on top of their vehicle."

The Dubois County Sheriff's Office is asking that anyone who saw what happened to call them so they might be able to find the driver of the semi.

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