Taking a stand: Keep the LST

The Evansville City Council recently passed a resolution adding its support to keep the LST 325 in Evansville.

I'm on board with that resolution and I hope the community will continue to show its support so we don't see the ship sail someplace else.

The resolution says the World War II ship welcomes some 10,000 visitors a year and is an important part of the community's history and local economy.

With a new convention hotel coming to downtown Evansville, LST 325 is a unique attraction sure to bring even more visitors to the city and the area.

The current contract expires next year and Peoria, Illinois is actively seeking to lure the ship there.

My stand - let's don't lose it.

So, if you haven't toured LST 325 - check it out - tell your friends.

Let's show the LST 325 Board the Tri-Stat wants the ship to stay right where it is for years to come.

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