Putting a stop to those annoying robocalls

The Federal Trade Commission says it gets more than 100,000 complaints about them every month.

But there's finally a solution that could put a stop those annoying robocalls.

"When I hang up on them, they call right back," said Pamela Martin.

She's being bombarded with robocalls day and night.

But Pamela may be in luck because some people have found a way to get rid of those unwanted calls.

Eric Giers uses Nomoromo, "It's done.  The system just shuts it off right away before it continues to ring, and you're like, heaven."

Automated telemarketing calls have been against the law since 2009.

Only non-sales related robocalls from charities, political organizations, schools, doctors and pharmacies are allowed.

"They're illegal if you don't give your expressed written consent to receive those robocalls from that entity, even if you're not on the Do Not Call list," said Kati Daffan, Federal Trade Commission.

Daffan is an attorney with the FTC, which created the "Do Not Call Registry" ten years ago.

"I've been on 'do not call' lists.  It doesn't seem to work with robocalls," said Pamela Martin.

In fact, the FTC received more than one million complaints about robocalls just last year.

"Many times, they're overseas, and they're just placing millions of these calls for a very low price," said Daffan.

That's why the FTC launched a "robocall challenge", asking the public to come up with ways to block unwanted calls.

Two people tied for the top prize.

Both had solutions to stop robocalls, but only one is on the market now.

It's called "Nomorobo".

"I like to say that it kind of just works like magic," said Aaron Foss, founder of Nomorobo.

This is how it works: your phone is protected by Nomorobo.  A call has been identified a coming from a robocaller.  To prove that it is not a robocall, a code number must be entered.

"It's almost instantaneous.  The only thing the user hears is one single ring in the house, and then it stops," said Foss.

"It rings once and then it doesn't ring anymore, and you're like, 'yeah, take that, sucker!'" said Eric Giers, who uses Nomorobo.

Giers says signing up for Nomborobo was the best decision he ever made because now when his business phone rings, the person on the other line is a customer and not a robocaller.

"The calls just miraculously stopped!"

However, there are certain limitations.

Sometimes robocalls slip through.

If that happens, hang up and if the automated message asks if you'd like to be taken off their calling list, don't press anything.

"If consumers respond by pressing 1 or 2 to be removed from the list, they could just be letting the robocaller know that theirs is a working number," said Daffan.

Also, Nomorobo doesn't currently work on cell phones or traditional land lines.  The program only works with Internet-based phone service, or phone lines that are supplied by your cable operator.

Fortunately, that is what Pamela Martin has.

"I'm going to try this Nomorobo-dot-com and see if we can put an end to this."

If you'd like to find off robocallers, you can sign up at www.nomorobo.com.

The service is free.