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Gov. Pence announces state effort for post-weather road repairs

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Record snowfall, low temperatures and repeated freeze-thaw cycles have taken a toll on Hoosier highways, and Governor Mike Pence announced Thursday the Indiana Department of Transportation is taking action to repair state roadways.

During the winter, most hot mix asphalt plants in the state close as temperatures are too low for paving. Currently, INDOT is working to acquire additional materials to temporarily patch roadways, including cold mix asphalt, liquid asphalt emulsion and crushed stone. As soon as weather permits, additional resources will be deployed—using supplemental crews and working additional hours and shifts—to repair as many roads as quickly as possible.

With more than 30,000 lane miles to maintain statewide coupled with persistent winter weather, crews have been dedicated in removing ice and snow and have worked to patch potholes in between storms. Even after being filled with cold patch, the same pothole can require ongoing maintenance and can reopen several times throughout winter.

For every dollar invested, research estimates that pavement preservation saves taxpayers $6 to $14 in future maintenance and construction costs.  So far this fiscal year, INDOT  has spent about $2.9 million, expended about 81,000 employee man hours, and used about 6,900 tons of material.

In the past several years, INDOT has been expanding its pavement preservation program to improve pavement friction and seal cracks before potholes form. Specifically, during fiscal year 2013, INDOT performed crack fill/seal operations on 5,919 lane miles as well as chip seal operations on 1,514 lane miles of state highways and also worked to apply a thin overlay surface treatment on an additional 371 lane miles.

Hoosiers are encouraged to report locations of potholes on Indiana interstates, U.S. highways and state roads by calling 1-866-849-1DOT or go to They may also report potholes to @INDOTpotholes on Twitter.

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