Weekly restaurant report

The latest food inspection reports from the Vanderburgh County Health Department as submitted to 14 WFIE:

Restaurants with violations

Dollar General, 4829 Pollack Avenue

One non-critical violation - floors soiled

Lyle's Sports Zone Pizza & Pub

One non-critical violation - kitchen wells need repaired

Dilegge's Restaurant, 607 N. Main

One non-critical violation - cutting boards need resurfaced/replaced

Charlie's Mongolian, 315 E. Diamond Avenuee

Three critical violations - slicer soiled, hose improperly connected to water source, plumbing in need of repair

Two non-critical violations - broken or missing floor tiles need repair, facility in need of cleaning

Himilaya Mart, 6720 Washington Avenue

One critical violation - slicer not properly cleaned

Two non-critical violations - board on top of warmer not approved for use with food, microwave soiled

Taco John's, 2509 Washington Avenue

Three non-critical violations- floor under sinks soiled, some baseboards missing, caulk around top of sinks should be removed and the area cleaned and be re-caulked.

Domino's #2570, 600 N. Weinbach

One non-critical violation - area around 3 compartment sink needs cleaning

Save A Lot #671, 2125 S. Weinbach

Two non-critical violations - cutting board in produce needs replaced/resurfaced, remove any excess items not needed for operations

Wesselman's Downtown, 535 Lincoln Avenue

Three non-critical violations - chicken warmer unit had two missing heating bulbs and one not functioning, not using food product thermometer to monitor product temperature of chicken, deli floors & walk ins soiled.

Hardee's, 4400 Covert Avenue

One non-critical violation - spray arm at 3 compartment sink hangs below flood rim

Buehler's IGA, 2220 E. Morgan Avenue

One non-critical violation - floor of deli area soiled

Cleavers, 5501 E. Indiana

One non-critical violation - gyro heater not working properly

Talk of the Town Pizza, 1200 Edgar

One non-critical violation - floor needs repair

Heady's Pizza, 4120B N. First Avenue

One non-critical violation - walls in need of repair

No violations

West Terrace School, 800 W. Terrace Drive 

Landmark BBQ, 3901 Broadway Avenue 

West Siders, 3911 Broadway Avenue 

Gary's Parkway Pizza, 3911 Broadway Avenue

A Rose and Monet, 4607 Vogel Road

Circle S #25, 2335 N. Green River Road

Papa Murphy's Take & Bake, 4202B N. First Avenue

Wine Vault, 230 N. Burkhartd Avenue

Vineyard, 5721 E. Virginia

Goodwill Family Center, 1351 Buena Vista

Volunteers of America, 811 E. Franklin

Casey's, 2020 S. Green River Road

Wesselman's, 4901 Pollack Avenue

Daniel Wertz School K-5, 1701 S. Redbank Road

St. Boniface School, 2031 W. Michigan Street

Hobo Jungle, 1321 S. Barker Avenue

Drone's Convenience, 410 Tekoppel Avenue

Tropicana  Evansville Casino, 700 NW Riverside Drive

Two Go's Lincoln Fast Fills, 1701 Lincoln

Spankey's Una Pizza, 714 N. Sonntag Avenue

Hill Top Inn, 1100 Harmony Way

Circle K #142, 1201 W. Columbia Street

Great Harvest Bread, 423 Metro

Dexter Elementary, 951 Dexter Avenue

Zoup, 6240 N. Virginia

Ozanam II, 1100 Read Street

XPress Pantry, 326 S. Kentucky

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