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Winter weather still affecting local business sales

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Most of the roads we've seen around the Tri-State are mostly clear and drivable, but some businesses are saying the weather is still affecting their sales. 

One Evansville bakery owner says she's not seeing her usual amount of customers, while employees at Rural King say they've been flooded with people trying to buy winter supplies.

"I called all our customers and said we were going to close a little bit early so everybody picked up their cakes. I just sent everybody home, so they weren't traveling in the icy roads or the dark," said Cate Sisco, owner of Piece of Cake. 

Sisco says the winter weather is putting a damper on sales.

"It slows down cause it's cold, nasty and slippery outside. I mean it definitely affects business. The phone still rings, but you can tell when we've got bad weather," Sisco said.

So the bakery is doing what is necessary to balance out the slower days.

"We're definitely baking less because we want everything to be fresh," Sisco said. 

Across town, Rural King is also dealing with weather issues. They also aren't seeing as many customers on snowy days. 

"When roads are bad, there's not going to be as many people actually coming in to shop in the store," said Jerry Degg, Rural Kind Assistant Manager.

But sales are okay because winter gear is flying off the shelves. 

"On the days before the storms hit, it brings a rush of customers in and your business is usually a lot better," Degg said. 

Both Piece of Cake and Rural King employees are crossing their fingers for a calm and quick end to the winter season. 

"We've had a good taste of it this year. We've had enough. Let's move on to the next season," Degg said. 

But while it is here, it's good to know the roadways are in much better shape.

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