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Social media politics could cause new policy for officials

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An Evansville City Councilman believes the city should have a social media policy. 

That reaction, after City Council Attorney Scott Danks blasted the Winnecke administration on his Facebook page.   

The mayor's office confirmed to 14 News late on Wednesday night that they are in the process of developing a policy for employees.

Danks though, technically, works for the city council, but he does receive health and other benefits from the city. He attends all council meetings and advises them on legal issues.

What he wrote on Facebook Wednesday morning was posted on his personal page. In that post, Danks calls the Winnecke administration "trashy."

He also writes, "If you don't openly support this administration, they will do everything in their power to slander and discredit you."    

City Council Member Jonathan Weaver tells 14 News that he's in favor of the city developing a new policy, but says this certain post could fall under freedom of speech.

"You know, if you had an employee bashing the boss or bashing the organization, yeah, that's probably grounds for being fired. If you have somebody that's on their personal time bashing some sort of other entity, business or somebody else, that's probably a gray area and it probably falls in that freedom of speech when they're outside of work," Weaver says.

The city already has an internet and e-mail policy in place. It's unclear though just how a social media policy would apply to the council and its attorney.

City Council President John Friend says Danks represents the council and his comments paint the council in a bad light.

Danks told 14 News that he's disgruntled with the administration and his post was in response to what he would only describe as an on-going situation.

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