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Evansville crews still working to clear streets

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Because of the harsh winter, communities across the country are dealing with a dwindling supply of salt. 

It's a concern across the country and even here in the Tri-State. That's why road departments have had to use a lot of salt and other supplies this winter to help keep the snow and ice off the roads.

We've had several winter storms already this year, many more than some departments anticipated.

In Evansville, city officials say there were lucky. They had a large supply left over from last year, but they say if we have many more snow and ice events, they might run low on supplies.

That could effect which roads get treated and which ones don't.

"There are some things that we may not do as we did. I know last night's storm we put considerable amount in the neighborhood and tried to get everybody through moving around, but now, we really must be mindful about what we're trying to do while we also have to keep in mind that we got to try to keep the city safe. It's a challenge," said Todd Robertson, Evansville Transportation Services Director.

Road crews say they will be out Wednesday night trying to clear off more streets in hopes they won't refreeze overnight.

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