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Investigation continues after several arrests at Madisonville pawn shop

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Police made several arrests at a Madisonville pawn shop on charges that the suspects accepted stolen goods and then sold them.   

Terry Gaines, Kaytlen Dame, Bobby Humphries, Jeremy Furguson and Jason Scott have all been lodged in the Hopkins County Jail.

Detectives with the Madisonville Police Department are still inside Park Avenue Pawn Shop searching for what they say is a large number of stolen goods.

Detectives arrived around 10:20 Wednesday morning, and within minutes, arrested one store employee.  

Detectives say the investigation revealed suspects were taking large amounts of stolen property into the pawn shop. Detectives were able to recover a large quantity of stolen items inside the shop.  

Detectives also found evidence of discrepancies in book keeping and paper work, which Kentucky law orders the store keep up to date.

"Those folks that have purchased items from the pawn shop and feel like they may be questionable, feel free to come into the Madisonville Police Department talk to detective Nathan Lutz. These folks are not in trouble," said Lt. William Poe.

Detectives don't know the exact amount of money all these items will add up to, but they say it is a large amount.  

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