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Road crews prepping for Tuesday winter weather

Area road crews are preparing for Tuesday's weather event. Once again, the timing is very crucial.

It looks like it will hit our area right at the time school would be getting out and many driving home from work.

In Henderson and Western Kentucky, the concern is not only ice and freezing rain that could start falling around 3:00 p.m., but what's already on the ground.

The National Weather Service says that because of the snow that has already fallen across Western Kentucky, many areas could be dealing with flooding as well.

Some in Western Kentucky could also hear some thunder as the system starts to move through.

During a conference call late Monday afternoon, the National Weather Service said the area of concern is right along the Ohio River.

Those are the areas that could see the greatest amount of ice and freezing rain, and that could make travel very hazardous.

"I have driven in nothing but ice going to work when I was working and when you do, do not play with your wheels. Keep it straight and keep that gas pedal not all the way down and don't use your brakes," driver Carrie Bruner said.

The best advice- if you can stay off the roads after 3:00 p.m., please do so.

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