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Indiana House passes scooter regulation bill

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The bill that will impose stricter standards for moped drivers is now moving to the Indiana Senate for further action.

The Indiana House passed House Bill 1343 on Monday, which would require operators of motorized scooters to register their vehicle with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and pass a special examination testing their knowledge of traffic signs.

The law would also prohibit these drivers from carrying passengers.

"We are looking to protect moped owners from theft and make sure that they know the basic traffic laws," said State Representative Gail Riecken, who co-authored the legislation. "We have seen a major increase in the number of people who have their mopeds stolen and in accidents where moped drivers are at fault."

Indiana currently does not require riders to have a license, registration or insurance to operate low-powered mopeds or scooters. However, the recently passed bill will require these drivers to register their vehicles and prove their competence. 

The bill will not require these drivers to obtain a driver's license or insurance, but Riecken believes that by registering the vehicles with a license plate, law enforcement will be able to better identify vehicles and crack down on the number of untraceable vehicles on the road.

In its current form, the bill could generate an additional $70,000 in extra registration fees for the state.

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