Final preparations for Sochi Olympics

With just days until the start of the Winter Olympics, parts of Sochi still don't look quite prepared.

"Good day to you. From here we can hear the rehearsals underway for the opening of the games but as you walk around you can also see in places construction work still appears to be underway. The International Olympic Committee says only 6 of the 9 media hotels up in the mountains are fully operational."

Prayers this morning for a safe and successful Olympics.

The organizers need all the help they can get.

With just days to go, and $50 billion spent, parts of Sochi don't quite look prepared for prime time.

Some hotels were just this weekend loading in furniture.

But the mountains are ready and members of the American team can't wait to get going.

"It's awesome, there's a lot of snow. We rode powder this morning and it was amazing," said Peter Foley, Snowboard Team Head Coach.

"I would put the mountains up here against anywhere in the world," said Jeremy Forster, US Freeskiing & Snowboarding Director.

Down off the mountain, Team USA short track speed skater JR Celski was testing the ice.

"Feeling good, feeling really good about this. I'm just loving the atmosphere and the energy," said J.R. Celski, US Short Track Speed Skater.

The countdown is really underway now.  Hundreds of volunteers arriving.

But one fan has just left Sochi.  A football fan.

"Go Seahawks"

She was in Sochi for a day because of her job as a flight attendant, but she was desperate to get home.

"Should catch the Second Quarter, might miss the first but my husbands going to record it..."

"So there is a lot of excitement as well as the worries. The question is in the days to come as thousands more people arrive, will they even have somewhere to stay? The President of the IOC is reassuring people saying yes there are troubles as always before an Olympics. Back to you."

The Sochi Winter Olympics begin this Thursday with the opening ceremony on Friday.

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