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Evansville announces new snow removal process

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The City of Evansville says it's ready to tackle any winter weather this weekend. There's a new snow removal cocktail to speed things up. 

It's called a super mix, and it's just that. Officials say it's a new mixture of chemicals developed by a scientist in Illinois- a combination of salt brine, sugar, beets and calcium chloride,

What's so great about it? It works in almost any temperature.

In the past, the chemicals used on the roads only worked within certain temperatures. Road crews can use different formulas of the super mix and the formula used depends on the temperature outside.

"Some may notice that the very next day some of the main streets, even though there is ice, it's clear because we're using a newer process. It lowers the temperature of the fighting temperature so we can actually clear more ice at lower temperatures now," says Todd Robertson with Evansville Transportation Service.

City officials say the great thing is that road crews can actually mix the chemicals up themselves in their shop. It's not a mixture that has to be brought in.

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