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ATV drivers now have more freedom on Oakland City roads

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In Oakland City, ATV and UTV drivers now have more freedom on city roads. 

A new ordinance was passed at the city council meeting Tuesday night, allowing the vehicles to be driven within the city limits. 

The three-two vote narrowly passed but, for one ATV owner says it will make his outdoor adventures that much more enjoyable.   

Before this new ordinance, the off-road-vehicles were only allowed to be driven on county roads. That's something that one city councilman says he doesn't understand.

"To me, it is no different than a golf cart. It is no different than a scooter, a motorcycle or a bicycle," councilman Darrell Corn says.

The Oakland City Police Chief disagrees. He worries that the drivers of these ATVs and UTVs are not going to follow the rules of the road, the ones that all motor-vehicle drivers must follow.

"I just hope and pray that everyone who participates in the ability to ride on the city streets do not take advantage of it in a way that is abusive," says Chief Alec Hensley.

Hensley says if people do not abide by these rules, the ordinance could be reversed. 

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