Icemen seeing great season, owner thanks fans

The Evansville Icemen are having a great season, and owner Ron Geary says it's all thanks to the great fan support.

Since leaving Swonder and coming to the Ford Center, attendance has risen from around 1,000 a game to about 6,000 a game. Two weekends ago, a record 9,000 people came out to watch their Icemen in action.

Geary attributes the rise in attendance to a great fan experience. He says the stadium likes to keep fans involved with special theme nights, and that the team's current first-place position is another reason to come out and watch.

"Our home record is we've won 15 and lost two. That's the best record out of 22 teams across the country. We give total credit to our fans who love the Icemen and love the exciting play. It's a beautiful arena also," Geary says.

Backstage Bar and Grill Owner Shane Carey says the Icemen's success and popularity has been very valuable to his and other downtown businesses.

"We're seeing more people earlier than two before the game. We're seeing three hours before a game. We're seeing more of a wait to get into our place to eat dinner. We love when the Icemen are here because we know we're going to have business every time they play," Carey says.

Geary says he hopes to see the fans' sustained enthusiasm throughout the rest of the season.

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