One School District's Plan to Fight Childhood Obesity

The U.S. Department of Education is helping nine Kentucky school districts battle childhood obesity and improve students' health.

The Union County Board of Education received $350,000 in grant money to expand physical education programs and after school programs. The money will fund fitness for students from kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Physical education instructors are excited about the opportunities that the money will allow for. Bill Drage is the Union County athletic director. "I know as a physical education teacher I'm excited to find out what this Physical Best program is all about. That is what the grant is going to do. All of the teachers in the county are going to be trained in this program. I'm hoping to find some new and interesting ways to combat obesity, and along with that we will be getting more funding which will allow us to buy new equipment, not just here at the high school, but at all of the schools. I think that this will be great benefit for the Union County youth."

Up until this grant came along there were no physical education classes in elementary or middle schools, but now with the grant they will be brought back to the schools.