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No Sunday alcohol sales for Fairfield restaurants, clubs

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Fairfield clubs and restaurants with liquor licenses still cannot sell alcohol on Sundays. 

A three-member committee made the recommendation at Tuesday night's council meeting, meaning no vote was needed. 

The American Legion had requested the change in the ordinance.

"We're losing a lot of business," said Tracy Yoho, manager of the Fairfield American Legion.

He said, on Sundays, the lunch customers go elsewhere because they're closed.

"Instead of letting out customers have to go to another town to drink or whatever, we're letting them come back, trying to let them come back here," Yoho said.

He said the American Legion tried to appeal to the city council to allow Fairfield restaurants and clubs to sell alcohol on Sundays.

"The biggest complaint is they don't want to have to drive 30 miles to have a drink and then try to drive back," Yoho said.

Fairfield American Legion Commander, Bert Engelkes, worked with Fairfield Mayor, Chuck Griswold, to get the ordinance changed.

"I think it'll bring revenue into town," Engelkes said.

Bert said the American Legion lost thousands of dollars last year. 

"I thought, maybe if we could open up on Sunday, get a couple hundred dollars on a Sunday too, times 12 months. That would add up to about what we lost last year," Engelkes said. "We just need some more revenue is what we need."

"If you keep it local they can come in here, have a few drinks, walk across the street, go to their homes and be happy," Yoho said. "It's way past due, way past due absolutely yes."

If it had passed, the ordinance would have only been for clubs and restaurants. It would have not include package stores to be opened on Sundays.

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