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Taking A Stand: Let's celebrate the Winter Olympics

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The Winter Olympics are coming up soon and I know you'll enjoy NBC's extensive coverage from Sochi, Russia on 14 WFIE.

The games give athletes a chance to shine on the world stage and a chance for countries, no matter what their politics, to unite in the spirit of friendly competition.

That's why I think it's a shame, if we have to shift our focus from what's going on at the Olympic venues to security at the games.

Terrorists threaten to kill innocent citizens, and in response, the Russian government has taken unprecedented measures to protect athletes and visitors. We all hope and pray these threats are just that- threats. We've seen the worst before when Israeli athletes were killed at the Munich games.

But we can't give in to the haters who try to fuel the flames to further their cause.  

Let's celebrate the games and what they stand for, and also remember the Olympic flame burns as a symbol of peace and brotherhood.

That's my stand and go USA!


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