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Negotiations to keep LST in Evansville considered 'top priority'

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The Evansville City Council says it wants to see the LST 325 war ship stay docked in Evansville.

The council says the LST is very important to Evansville and needs to stay here. The council as a whole made it clear that negotiations to keep the ship needs to be a top priority. 

The war ship has been docked in Evansville since 2006. It's contract with the City of Evansville expires next year. At least one city, Peoria, Illinois, is looking to lure the ship away from Evansville.
City council members say the LST is a vital part of the city's tourism and that it's in the city's best interest to make sure it stays here.
They say the LST brings about 10,000 visitors to Evansville every year. At least one LST board members was at Monday's council meeting as the resolution was read.

"Thank you very much. We've been working with Mayor Winnecke for a little over a year on this.  Now, we see that the whole city government is behind us, that means a lot to us," says board member, Chris Donahue.

The mayor's office says it's working hard to keep it docked in Evansville.

If you would like to read the resolution passed at the meeting, click here.

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