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Residents concerned over closure of Kansas Rd.

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Some Vanderburgh County residents want to know why it's taking so long to fix the large pot holes on Kansas Road. 

Two weeks ago, County Roads Superintendent Patrick Seib said they hoped to have the road completely repaired within the next couple of days.

Because of the weather, crews have only been able to repair one of the three large potholes.

Crews tried to use a cold weather asphalt before closing the road, but it was not sticking to the ground. That's when they decided to close the road.

As far as right now, it costs more to heat the asphalt at current temperatures than it's worth.

One resident says he understands there might be some weather issues with repairing the road, but what he is concerned with is the road closed signs.

"It's causing confusion with everybody down there. It's difficult to turn with that sign not being there. So, the sign being there now is really making it tough with also the road being torn up on the side as well," Steve Granderson says.

Seib says they need one more day on Kansas Road before they can open it back up. He says current forecasts look like Thursday will be the day when they can finish it up.

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