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Muhlenberg Co. dog found shot goes to new home

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The DeLongs picking up their new dog, Cricket. The DeLongs picking up their new dog, Cricket.

Two weeks ago, 14 News brought you the story of Cricket, the dog found in Muhlenberg County with a bullet lodged in her neck. They never found the person who shot her, but there has been a happy ending for the truly remarkable dog. 

Cricket's wounds where the nine caliber bullet entered her neck are nearly healed up. So well, in fact, that she was up for adoption just five days after arriving at the Muhlenberg County Humane Society.

Mark DeLong and his family saw her story on 14 News and knew Cricket was the missing puzzle piece.

"After hearing about the tragedy that befell this dog, there was something that touched my heart," Mark shared.

Our cameras were rolling as the DeLong family met Cricket for the first time. For the DeLongs, who already rescued one beagle three years ago, the decision was an easy one to make.

"I'm pretty much a soft touch anyway," Mark said. "The other decision too was because of the other beagle that we had and the great success we had with her, I thought she needed a rabbit running companion. If you have one beagle, you ought to have two to make a pack."

Before the signature on the check had even dried, Cricket was getting her brand new collar, someone to pull the leash, and a brand new family.

"I'm very happy that she's now coming into our lives," Mark shared with 14 News.

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