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KY Ag officials say propane shortage a 'crisis'

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With these extremely cold temps many farmers need more propane to keep their livestock warm, and the national shortage is especially hurting those raising poultry. 

State Agriculture Commissioner James Comer says it's a crisis in Kentucky with the propane shortage. He says his phone has been ringing almost non-stop as farmers are calling for assistance.

Experts say the midwest started this season with less propane because farmers needed more of it to dry crops in the fall.

Now with the cold temperatures, more propane is needed to keep livestock alive.

Comer says they've been working with the governors office to try and get more propane into the state to help farmers. He says that's included allowing trucks to carry multiple company's propane.

But one thing they are looking to do in the near future could include legal action against some propane companies.

"The contract for a lot of these poultry farmers were around $1.50, and they're having to pay over $4.00 for it now because the company didn't supply them with the needed propane. It's a bad situation," Comer says.

With Kentucky's agriculture revenue up 20 percent last year to $6 billion. Comer says the thing he's most focused on is making sure farmers' investments are not lost.

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