Some residents already seeing issues with frozen pipes

Fluctuating temps with highs near 50 and lows in the teens this next week will likely lead to many more frozen and bursting pipes.

It's the same situation we had a few weeks ago with dozens of water main breaks across the area.

On Friday night, one family living in the Eastbrook Mobile Home Park came face to face with what's believed to be another weather-related pipe problem.

Lorne Young said around noon he heard a loud boom. He looked outside and saw a spout of water shooting 30 to 40 feet in the air and onto his house off of Harbour Town Court.

The water immediately started to freeze on his roof, grass, front door, and driveway.

Crews came to the scene and worked for almost four hours before they were finally able to shut the water off. Workers suspect the pipe may have broken from the cold temperatures.

Young, a truck driver, said he was looking forward to a relaxing day in the warmth after spending days out on the road, but instead he said he was forced to deal with this unpleasant surprise.

Young was not the only person dealing with pipe issues because of the weather. There was a house fire in Rockport on Friday, just off of West Eureka Road.

Fire Chief Jeff Harris said they believed the home caught fire after the people living there tried to thaw their pipes. Officials said no one was hurt and most of the house was saved.

Water crews advise people with frozen pipe issues to contact local authorities for help.

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