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Law enforcement asking engineers to examine dangerous Greenville road


Law enforcement in Muhelnberg County are asking state engineers to examine what they say is a dangerous stretch of road and has been the site of multiple fatal accidents. 

Joey Bratcher lives right off Richardson Road, south of Greenville. Joey and his family members say they too often hear, "Like a bunch of crashing, a big boom and horn blowing, just a lot of chaos."

All that due to a curve in the road that law enforcement says is dangerous.  

Hundreds of car pass through the stretch of KY 181 on their way to Greenville every single day, not to mention school buses because a middle school is located just around the bend.  

Now, Greenville police are asking state engineers to figure out why so many accidents keep happening on the curve.

Two fatal crashes, which Greenville police say were not caused by speeding, and multiple injury accidents have left officers perplexed.

"We had witnesses in both accidents that said they just simple veered off the road and never regained control of their vehicle which has made this area you know a great concern of ours," says Greenville Police Chief, Darren Harvey. 

The only thing stopping many of the vehicles from hitting the Bratcher's home has been a tree.

"It worries you. It scares you wanting to be in the living room, you can't enjoy being in the house because you're scared somebody's going to come off the hill and come inside," Bratcher shares.

Greenville police have asked state engineers to examine the site and see what can be done to make it safer. Until then police will step up patrol for speeders in the area. 

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