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Greyhound bus stranded on Evansville highway

There were a lot of unhappy passengers on a Greyhound bus after being stranded for hours on an Evansville highway.

14 News spoke with some of riders who were stuck on that bus and most were going different places, some as close as Mt. Vernon, others as far as Kansas City. 

Their trip came to a sudden halt Tuesday evening when the bus broke down in the middle of the road at the intersection of Highway 41 and Highway 57. 

A Greyhound spokesperson said something on the bus froze and caused equipment failure. 

The passengers were left stranded for more than six hours. Many of them hadn't eaten since early Tuesday morning. They say they were forced to huddle up on the bus and try to stay warm while they waited for help. 

"Right now, I'm disgusted with Greyhound, very disgusted," said Ricky Powers, who was on his way to Kansas City.

Several people were upset knowing they're now going to be late to their destination and because the bus was sitting in the middle of a busy road.

"I'm worried about getting hit. These trucks going by and everything and hitting us. You know I've seen people get hit sitting on the side of the road, and we're a sitting duck at an intersection," said Lee Shephard, who was going to Mt. Vernon. 

The Greyhound spokesperson said a relief bus from another city picked up the stranded passengers. 

When it comes to giving out refunds, the spokesperson said they plan to handle the situation on a case by case basis. 

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