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Group conducts hazardous material survey in Henderson

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A group from Western Kentucky University conducted a study in Henderson to see how many trucks carrying hazardous materials pass through on any given day. 

One of the spots researchers from WKU examined when they did their study was the US 41 strip. They totaled almost 500 loads of hazardous material.

We're told it was the first time a survey of its kind has been done, and they studied several roads in the county and also rail traffic.

The data isn't fully complete, but the research team found there were eight hazardous incidents last year, meaning there was an accident or spill of some kind. 

EMA Director Larry Koerber said the information they received will help the county be prepared if and when there are incidents. 

"The information from it will be very valuable to not only ourselves, the LEPC, but also to responders, police, fire, EMS- what they're getting in to, what they can expect, what's rolling through our community," Koerber said.

Koerber said most of the incidents that have happened occurred in the city limits of Henderson. He said there was a lot more hazardous material traffic than they expected.

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