United Caring Shelter open for upcoming freezing temps

The white flag is out at one Evansville homeless shelters meaning the doors are open 24/7.

The United Caring Shelter says they are preparing for around 50 people to stay Tuesday through the cold. It's part of their white flag program which lets people stay the night when temperatures are below freezing overnight.

Other than Sunday night, the program has been in place for the past few days, but they haven't had more than 35 people staying.

The facility is will open up at 8:00 Tuesday night.

Executive Director Kimron Reising says it is so hectic when the white flag program is going on, they even have guests helping them out.

"We have to launder all of the blankets that are used everyday. We've usually got a guest who is willing to do laundry for us. But, that keeps our washing machine, we've got two commercial washers, keeps them going for several hours," Reising says.

The Red Cross will be opening warming centers in the event of a disaster, so if you need a place to stay because of an unforeseen event, you can contact the Red Cross and they will open a warming center.

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