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Community to see benefits from large jail grant


A hefty granted awarded to the Hopkins County jail is aimed at keeping recently released offenders in the community, from returning right back to the jail itself.

A joint collaboration between the Hopkins County Judge Executive Donnie Carroll, Jailor Joe Blue, and Dr. Sabrina Grubbs has resulted in a $600,000 grant over two years.  The grant targets inmates who are about to be release into the community.

"Employment counseling, substance abused treatment, when they get out there mental health treatment, psychiatric services, case management, you actually put all kind of supports around them to help them be successful when they leave an institution," says Dr. Sabrina Grubbs.

According to national jail statistics, four in ten offenders will return to jail within three years of leaving.

"I can actually speak as someone that has been in jail before that has come out and had a second chance at life. So I know exactly the benefits that can come from someone that is coming from a place in their life where everything is complete chaos and having people look at you like they actually believe in you," says case manager Bonnie Young.

Jailor Joe Blue says it takes over $1.4 million dollars to house just 100 people in the jail for one year.

"All these people were dealing with are the people we went to school with, we live beside, were friends, family, were trying to give back to Hopkins County and the ones that this helps are the ones that will reside in Hopkins County upon release," says Jailor Joe Blue.

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