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Indiana lawmakers considering guns in school proposal

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Indiana lawmakers are considering a controversial bill that would allow guns on school property with restrictions.

The proposed bill would allow anyone at any school in the state to have a gun in a locked car. Of course, residents would have to have a permit. 

Author of the bill, Representative Jim Lucas, of Seymour, says the bill would be put in place to clarify residents' natural right to self-defense. 

It would let people bring guns on school property or a place where there's a school function going on. The bill would also redefine school property as the building itself, instead of the area around the school.

One student 14 News spoke with on Monday thinks it's a good idea. 

"Obviously you can't be toting a pistol into the business building and just thinking that's okay, but at the same time if a situation arises where you feel your in the position where you need to defend yourself, then if you can get to your vehicle and get that weapon. I don't I see that as a bad thing," USI Freshman Adam Moore says.

We asked on our Facebook page if you think it's a good idea. We got a lot of responses, both in favor for and in opposition of the proposed bill.

The committee working on the bill are still considering some amendments before taking it to a vote.

Kentucky already has a similar bill.

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