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Owensboro vending company adding nutritional information to machines

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This year about five million vending machines nationwide will be required to display calorie information. 

An Owensboro company, Canteen Service, says they have around 2,500 vending machines in local manufacturing facilities, and they plan to install new technology called "The Mind" in all of those machines. 

The Mind is a touch screen that allows users to read about an items nutritional information.

The company says they will also install "micro markets" inside work places across the Tri-State. Micro markets" allow users to pick up items and read the nutritional facts on the label before using a computer to buy it.

"Having the item in the machine that is a better choice for the customer, a better for you option, it's going to help our consumers make educated decisions," says Stefanie Oller, with the company.

The FDA also estimates if just .02 percent of obese adults ate 100 fewer calories per week, it would save $24 million or more in annual health care costs.

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