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Board members back from trip to LST's potential new home

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LST 325 board members are back in Evansville after taking a trip to Peoria, Illinois. 

The board wants to see if Illinois could become the LST's new home when its contract with Evansville expires next year.

Officials say if the ship were to travel to Peoria, it would travel up the Ohio River to the Illinois River. The trip would take two to three days.

It's a trip that LST Board Member, Chris Donahue, says may or may not happen. All nine LST board members went to Peoria on Saturday to meet with city officials.  

The board members shared their requirements with the city and now it is up to Peoria to decide if it can meet them. Evansville built a dock for the ship and Peoria will have to do the same. That's something that will cost them anywhere from $2 million to $3 million.

"Just like in any city, the major needs to go to the city council and make their presentation so they know what we are asking for now. They've got to do some engineering studies and then run it by their finance people," Donahue says.

He says a decision on whether or not the ship will stay or go should be made sometime this summer. 

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