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Fresh produce served up in downtown mini mart

A store in Haynie's Corner in Downtown Evansville is doing its part to create a healthier community.

The Fountain View Mini Mart is a local convenience store, but for the past two weeks, it has been offering fresh fruits and vegetables to its customers. The produce is now readily available, and according to the store manager, it is being eaten up pretty quickly.

"There going like hot cakes," said Amy Belwood.

Belwood is the manager of the mini mart. She deals with the customers on a daily basis and she says many of them are already benefiting from the new produce section.

"Now they have the option of instead of just getting sugary snacks, they have meal options so you know that the kids are getting the benefit of actually eating a meal," Belwood said.

A healthy meal made possible by a partnership with the YMCA and a grant from the Centers for Disease control and Prevention.

"With our funding, we were able to purchase a cooler for the fruits and vegetables as well as a freezer," said Mardi File, the project manger with Pioneering Healthier Communities.

Both are visited often by local customers.

"They are checking it out. They are buying stuff. They are coming back and buying more," Belwood said.

Belwood says she does not want a healthy lifestyle to be an inconvenient lifestyle for her customers.   

"To get fresh fruits and vegetables, sometimes you have to go multiple places and carrying bags in and out of different places and then on the bus is not fun. If they can walk down the street or drive around the corner to get it, it makes it a lot easier for them to have that nutritional value," Belwood said.

The Fountain View Mini Mart orders its fresh food from distributors now, but the project manager tells 14 News that the store is looking to work with local farmers.  

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