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Chemical spill could reach Evansville by Sunday night

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Evansville water officials are tracking the chemicals that were dumped into the river in West Virginia.  

14 News just spoke with Evansville Water and Sewer Director Allen Mounts. He says those chemicals could reach Evansville by 11:30 Sunday night. 

We're told the potency of the spill will barely be noticeable once it reaches the city, but due to concerns from citizens, the water from the Ohio will be treated before it goes through your tap.

When the chemical spill that originated in West Virginia made it to Louisville on Friday, the trace was hardly noticeable.

"The highest concentration levels they were able to measure was 3.5 parts per billion," Mounts says.

While that isn't a high enough concentration to harm anyone drinking the water, Mounts says they will treat the water through activated carbon. The same treatment was used in Louisville.

Mounts says the process is expensive and it's not something they want to use if they can avoid it.  

But, to ease citizens concerns, they will be treating the water.

"Given the citizens concerns, we're just taking those extra measures to try to make everybody more comfortable," Mounts says.

But as far as the drinking water?

Mounts says, "The water's safe and drinkable."

You can drink the water without any problems at the current potency, but he did say if you want to be extra safe you can buy bottled water.

Mounts expects the contaminated water to be through the area in about a week.

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