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Muhlenburg County officials finalize new task force

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Muhlenberg County law enforcement have a new plan to handle large-scale crimes in the area.

An agreement was made on Friday between several different units of law enforcement to better serve citizens in the case of high-profile crime cases.

Officers in Muhlenberg County met on Friday to finalize plans for a new joint investigative unit comprised of officers from Powderly, Central City, and Greenville Police, as well as the Muhlenberg County Sheriff's Office.

Officers said the new task force will help make agencies more efficient and effective when a serious crime is committed in the county.

Officer said sometimes resources are limited within departments, but the new unit will allow for four times as much man power to investigate a crime than were previously available.

"We're kind of limited on our man power," said Darren Harvey. "By having this task force we can have certain unites to assign to a particular incident without interrupting the day to day services that we do provide for our citizens."

Officers said the main purpose of the task force is to solve cases quicker in Muhlenberg County.

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