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Officials treating Evansville water as precaution

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Chemicals that were spilled into a river in West Virginia are getting closer to Evansville.

Officials are keeping a close eye on another round of tests performed on the water on Saturday.

The Director of Evansville and Water and Sewer Utilities Allen Mounts said there is good news coming out of Louisville.

The Louisville Water Company reported on Friday that the highest concentration of the chemical was 3.5 parts per billion. According to the Center for Disease Control, 1,000 parts per billion is acceptable.

The chemical concentration in the Ohio River is far below that standard.

The Louisville Water Company treated the water as a precautionary measure. On Saturday, they released that they could no longer detect the chemical in the river.

Mounts said Evansville will also treat the water and described the process as an "additional caution treatment."

"We may reach the point by the time it reaches here, its so diluted which means that our equipment will not even be able to detect it which means it is less than one part per billion," said Mounts.

Mounts said what is left of the chemical spill should reach Evansville around 12:30 a.m. Monday morning.

He said Evansville will stay ahead of it by beginning the treatment process sometime Sunday afternoon.

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