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Second plan submitted for McCurdy building

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A progress hearing is set for next month on the latest plans for the McCurdy building in downtown Evansville. 

The question is, will these plans ever get off the ground?

The Kunkel Group, which owns the building, did not respond to our requests for comment on Friday, but the doors and some windows of the McCurdy have been boarded up to at least meet security requirements enforced by the city.
The Kunkels announced renovation plans last year, but since then plans haven't left the paper. City Building Commissioner Ben Miller says Kunkel just met their December deadline for plans to repair the building. Kunkel's initial development plan expired, so Miller says a second plan has been submitted.

He says Kunkel is still in violation of property maintenance codes. The building still leaks and he says, at the minimum, Kunkel must bring the exterior of the building up to code soon.
Miller is staying cautiously optimistic that Kunkel can get it done.



"It's a great building.  It's just another building that anything's possible with enough resources and I think the developers are trying to get together the funding to be able to do the project. We're waiting here with them, but we're also saying, 'Hey, you know it's got to be done," Miller says.

He says plans appear to be in the works for the future McCurdy Apartments. A progress hearing is set for February 13.

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