Owensboro Mayoral Candidates Face-Off

New Media Producer: Kerry Corum

Changes are on the way for Owensboro. The city will be electing a new mayor for the first time since 1995.

The two candidates faced-off Monday night at Owensboro Community College. The incumbent Mayor Waymond Morris is not seeking re-election and Al Mattingly, Jr. and Tom Watson are campaigning for the non-partisan post.

Though both candidates are similar on a number of issues, they have a different spin on merging city and county governments. Some audience members told Newswatch the forum was an excellent way to find out more about the two Owensboro natives.

Owensboro Community College student Tasia Smith says, "It was real interesting, but I didn't feel that Watson was connecting with the audience. He wasn't looking at us as much. It just seemed like Al Mattingly was more sincere about everything he was talking about."
Owensboro resident George Skiadas "And there was only one glaring difference as far as I'm concerned about the two, and one, I think Mr. Watson, Tom Watson's position on being more proactive on merger is one I'm particularly interested in and I support." 

Owensboro Mayor Waymond Morris announced last January he would not seek a third term.