Family pet mini goat shot and killed in Dubois County

The Dubois County Sheriff's Office is trying to track down the person who shot and killed a family pet.

It wasn't a dog or a cat.  It was a miniature goat named 'Bambi'.

Bambi was shot and killed Wednesday afternoon while she sat on her owner's property on North Cuzco Road South.

No one was home at the time.

Deputy Chris Faulkenberg says they believe someone shot Bambi from the road.

Bambi was pregnant and leaves behind a young mini-goat named 'Blaze'.

Bambi's owner, Carrie Newlin, says her mini goats mean as much to her family as any traditional pet would.

She hopes justice will be served.

"I can't explain how shocking it is to hear that your pet has been shot. How could you? I mean, that's a family pet. I mean, how could you do that?" said Newlin.

Deputy Faulkenberg says, if arrested, the suspect in this case will face criminal charges including a felony charge for killing the animal.

If you have any information that can help deputies in this case, call the Dubois County Sheriff's Office.

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