Local lawmakers talk about HJR-3

The vote on the proposal to ban same-sex marriage in Indiana could happen next week, and two local lawmakers have different takes on what should happen.

The amendment, known as HJR-3, would ban same-sex marriage in the state constitution and anything similar to it.

The proposal was the main topic of discussion at Friday's legislative session preview luncheon in Evansville.

State Senator Vaneta Becker says with a law already banning same-sex marriage, there is no need to pass this resolution.

State Representative Ron Bacon says he wants the chance to vote on it.

"The majority of the members that I've talked to want that.  I feel that's why it will happen, because we want that.  If I was feeling the other way, I would think they would hold on to it," said Bacon.

"We asked the audience today if we should be discussing it or working on that issue.  The overwhelming majority said no," said Becker.

If the proposal passes, the issue will be on the ballot in November for voters to decide.

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