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Board of Zoning Appeals vote 'no' on variance for Halfway House

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The Board of Zoning Appeals met on Thursday night to vote on whether to allow a halfway, or re-entry, house break city ordinance and open within 1,000 feet of a school.

It was a packed house when the board voted 'no,' meaning the house can not break the ordinance.

The company Transition House Inc. wanted to move into the old Shamrock Engineering building, which is 335 feet from Joshua Academy, a charter school off of E. Illinois.

After hearing from some of the school's staff and even a nine-year-old student, as well as the halfway house company's attorney, the board made the decision unanimously.

Joshua Academy's principal said she is thrilled and comforted by the vote.

"Whether there was going to be any interactions between adults at the facility and our kids, they're going to notice what goes on around them," said Pamela Decker. "That same vocabulary list that I learned this week, they would eventually learn it as well."

Those who spoke out against the proposed halfway house said they aren't opposed to what the halfway house is made to do, they're opposed to the location where the company wants to do it.

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