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Principal speaks about proposed halfway house near school

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The principal of Evansville's Joshua Academy is voicing her concerns against a proposed halfway house that would be very close to her school. 

The school's principal, Pamela Decker, tells14 News that she plans to go to Thursday's Board of Zoning Appeals meeting to fight this proposed halfway house which is just around the corner. 

The Federal Bureau of Prisons Halfway House or re-entry house contract for the city is up. Now a Florida company called The Transition House Inc. wants to create one out of the old Shamrock Engineering Building,  which is about 335 feet from Joshua Academy.

But the city's rule on this is that a halfway house can not be located within 1,000 feet of a school. 

At Wednesday's meeting, the company wanting to build the halfway house is asking for special permission to essentially break that rule. 

That's why Decker says she will be at that meeting to tell the board her stance, which is to keep the house away from the school.

"I think once you've served your consequence, then you should be given a second chance. But what I know is that when I talk about kids, the rule of thumb that I go by is do no harm. There should be no risks," Decker said.

Joshua Academy is backed by Evansville City Council Member Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley, who says she'll also be at the meeting. She plans to also ask the board to not give Transition House Inc. permission to be near a school. 

The meeting starts at 4:00 Thursday afternoon.

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