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KY Rep. Waide fights back with countersuit

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There have been new developments in lawsuit filed against Kentucky State Lawmaker Ben Waide from Madisonville.

Waide tells 14 News that he's fighting back.

Two weeks ago, a lawsuit was filed by Waide's partners from Liberty Rehab alleging misuse of company finances. Now, the tables have turned as Waide's attorneys file a countersuit on Tuesday for invasion of privacy.

In documents given to 14 News by Waide's attorney Todd P'Pool, Waide has filed a counterclaim against Lawrence Holmes and Jason Myers, his partners at the company, for publicly airing Waide's personal credit card information and punitive damages.

P'Pool goes on to say that Waide denies all allegations of impropriety and the other shareholders were paid over $144,000 in cash more than Waide.  

"Shareholders can be paid in a number of different ways. Those shareholders received cash. Mr. Waide turned in expenses and was reimbursed on a personal credit card. That's perfectly legal, in fact, it's advisable for tax reasons," P'Pool tells 14 News.

Waide also says he has made his campaign records and books open to a full review by the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance.

"We will be seeking damages for those claims. At the end of the day, the truth is going to come out and it will show Waide did absolutely nothing wrong and we look forward to having our day in court," P'Pool says.

Attorney for the plaintiffs, John Whitfield, says he does not wish to comment until he has had the chance to review the claim.  

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