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Authorities warn of suspicious man near Tecumseh schools

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The Warrick County Sheriff's Office is keeping its eyes on a Lynnville man they say may be a threat to young women in the area. 

Tecumseh High School and its feeder schools are on high alert as the sheriff's office has warned them of a possible predator in the area.

The identity of the man involved has only been released to Tecumseh, at this time, as he has not yet been charged with a crime.

Sheriff Brett Kruse says multiple young women have reported being harassed and followed by a man hanging out at the Country Cupboard convenience store on State Road 68. The store is located just three miles from the high school.

"When girls would come in, this male subject would leave the store and park down the street a little ways, and follow the girls, when they left. Follow them toward their residence, or wherever they were going," Kruse says.

Gibson County Sheriff George Ballard says the man involved has been accused of the same type of harassment before in Gibson County.

School officials say they are taking every precaution in ensuring student safety.

"We sent the information to each one of our staff members. The staff have talked to the students. That's where we've went in regards to being proactive with the situation," says Richard Lance, Tecumseh's principal.

If you're aware of this situation and you see this kind of suspicious activity, you're encouraged to call police.

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